COMPUTER BASICS FOR BEGINNER । कंप्यूटर सामान्य ज्ञान शुरुआती के लिए


COMPUTER BASICS FOR BEGINNER । कंप्यूटर सामान्य ज्ञान शुरुआती के लिए
Computer is an electronic device which was to use to store our information and process it.
In the beginning, the use of computer was limited, but now the number of computer user is increased at high level. And today computer is become a part of our life.
With the help of a computer, we do things we could never have imagined. With the help of a computer we create many tasks like creating document, calculation, entertainment and much more things.
I am simply wanted to explain one thing if you are a beginner then you will visit the right site. I have tried to teach you computer basics in the simplest way possible through this article so please read this article until end.

COMPUTER BASICS FOR BEGINNER । कंप्यूटर सामान्य ज्ञान शुरुआती के लिए
How to turn on the Computer?
First switch on the Power Board then switch on the UPS button after switch on the UPS button press the CPU button then you see your computer will start automatically. After the computer is started, the first screen appear on the computer is called desktop. From the desktop you can access various parts of the computer.

Icons:  You can see various graphical files on the desktop. They are called icons. Icons are graphical objects that shows the application to be used. Because of icon a graphical interface is available while you are using the computer.

Task bar: The bar at the bottom of the computer screen is called Taskbar. From the task bar you can access various part of the computer. You can view information about the files, folder, etc.

Control Panel: You can make different settings of your computer in the control panel. Using the control panel, you can customize the computer related hardware related settings, applications settings, changes to the computer screen themes, and many more.

How to turn of the Computer?
After learn how to switch on the Computer 🖥 second most important thing you have to know is how to turn off the Computer. To turning off your Computer you have to click on start button on your Computer. After clicking on the start button can see three options in your PC screen -  

SHUT DOWN                                                

COMPUTER BASICS FOR BEGINNER । कंप्यूटर सामान्य ज्ञान शुरुआती के लिए
After seeing the switch on or switch off process you have to know basic shortcut keys of maintaining your works.

      FN KEY+F1=HELP

What is Folder?

Folder is a container where you can store your files or any directories or subdirectories. It also called directory.

How to create a Folder?

Creating a Folder first you need to choose the drive where you wanted to create the Folder.

After choosing your drive go to File then click on New then Folder write the Folder name and press enter you Folder will create automatically.

How to open Folder?

After successfully creating a Folder you have to know how to open the Folder. To open the created Folder 📂 you have to double press on the Folder or right click on the selected Folder then your Folder open automatically.                      
COMPUTER BASICS FOR BEGINNER । कंप्यूटर सामान्य ज्ञान शुरुआती के लिए
How to move a Folder?
To move a folder 📂 click on it and drag than drop it on your biological area.
How to save any document in the Folder?
First you have to create a document>Click on file>Click on save>Click on the desktop >Choose your folder name>Open>Write file name>Save.
How to delete a Folder?
Right click on the Folder>Press delate >Then press yes.
Click on the Folder>And press delate key from your keyboard>Yes.
How to restore a Folder?
First open recycle bin>Choose your Folder>Right click on the Folder>Then press restore.
How to change Folder icon?
Right click on the Folder>Properties>Customize>Change icon>Choose any icon>Ok>Apply>Ok.
How to hide all the icon off Desktop?
Right click on the Desktop>Arrange icon by (view)>Show/Hide Desktop icons.
What is Windows Explorer?
The Windows Explorer as a tool to browse through the entire system including the network drives. To open the it you have to click on the start menu>Then click on programme>Then Windows Explorer.


COMPUTER BASICS FOR BEGINNER । कंप्यूटर सामान्य ज्ञान शुरुआती के लिए
How to open Paint?
To open Paint you have to click on the start button>Then click on all programme>After clicking on all programme click on Windows accessories>Then click on Paint.
How to close Paint?
Click on the close button top right corner in your PC >If you wanted to save your created file then click on save if you don’t want to save then click on don’t save option.
How to save a File?
You can see the File option in the left corner of your PC just click on it>Then click on save>Write the File name which name you want>Then click on save button.
How to open your saved File?
Go to File option click on it>Then open>Choose your File name>Open.
How to save your picture as a Desktop Background?
First draw your picture>Go to File>Set as Desktop Background(centre)>Ok>Write your File name >Click on save.
What is Undo?
Undo is the alternative on the performance in the page.
Shortcut key=CTRL+Z =UNDO
How to Cut any Text/Picture?
Select the Picture/Text>Right click on it>Then Cut.
How to Copy any picture/text?
Select the picture/text>Then click on Copy.
How to Paste your picture/text?
To Paste your picture/text press = CTRL+V
How to Move a picture?
Select the picture>Place the mouse pointer on selected area>Drag the mouse as you want to move.
How to create your Picture as a smaller or larger?
Select the Picture>Place the mouse pointer at the corner of selected area>Drag the mouse to create smaller or larger object.
COMPUTER BASICS FOR BEGINNER । कंप्यूटर सामान्य ज्ञान शुरुआती के लिए
How to select all the object of a Page?
To select all object on your page you have to press = CTRL+A.
How to rotate a picture?
Select the picture>Then rotate it.
How to get opposite colour?
Select the picture>Right click on the picture>Choose the colour then insert it.
How to use custom colour as a colour?
Go to colour option>Edit colour>Choose custom colour>OK. 
How to open Notepad?
Start>All programme>Accessories>Notepad.
How to close Notepad?
Click on the close button >No.
How to take a new page?
Click on File>Then click on new.
How to change Font, Style, Size?
Write anything>Format>Font>Choose any Font, Style, Size>OK.


How to open WordPad?
Click on start> All programme>Accessories>WordPad.
How to take a new page?
How to find a word of letter?
Write anything>Editing Bar>Find>Find what box>Find next.
How to change Font, Style, Colour?
Write anything>Select the text>Font>Choose Font, Style, Colour>OK.

In this post I am simply explain about basic computer learning tips for beginner.


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